R e c o r d i n g s   

Mark Baigent         playing Loree oboe (1901)
03 Quartet 2 - III

'for Joyance'

"A deliciously singing tone...assured deft handling of the oboes range range from extreme heights to beautifully rounded low notes."

                                                                                                                  Australian Double Reed Society

"Baigent captures the musical character of Boughton's music perfectly, playing with a beautiful sound and many insightful nuances"

                                                                                                                                                 George Caird


"Truly an inspiration to both players and listeners"

                                                 International Double Reed Society

Charme du Hautbois  playing Loree oboe (1901)
01 York Bowen Sonata 1944 1st mvt
03 Poulenc Sonata 1962 Deploration

Mark also performs 

Hamilton Harty 'Chansonette' 

Alan Richardson 'Rendezvous'

on 'Oboe Classics' CD, 'The World of the Oboe'